MEDIASKIN FOR MEDIANAV 9.1.1 9.1.3 8.1.1 7.0.5

1 - buy and download the file.
2 - take the usb key and format it in fat32
3 - Copy all the files on the root of the USB key, the files must be "at the root" of the USB key
4 - Put the USB key in the MediaNav turned on
5 - Once the menu appears, click on the Setup button
6 - Wait during the installation, the medianav restarts once, to follow the installation.
7 - After the restart, a new window opens, indicating the end of the installation, Click on ok at the bottom of the window and wait for the ignition of your medianav
8 - Turn off the engine and the medianav
9 - download NNG_CRK file:
      for medianav version 9.1.3 from here:    
      for medianav version 9.1.1 from    here:  
      for medianav version 8.1.1 from here:
      for medianav version 7.0.5 from here:


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